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Effective Call Notes

Good records on HCP interactions

If your salesforce is recording call notes, those call notes must —

  • cover essential points and only those points;
  • be easy to understand and refer back to;
  • support the business, i.e., the call continuum;
  • record proper handling of any issues with regulatory implications.

Customizable eLearning
Effective Call Notes is essentially a writing program, but tailored to this particular writing challenge. Key feature: A simple process for structuring a three-step note that covers the critical points.

Other notable features:

  • Customized. We customize the content to each client's policies, sales practices, and SFA.
  • Deliverable to PCs or iPads. We build your program to be deliverable to range of devices, so that reps with a bit of downtime can view the program no matter where they are.
  • Writing tools. Our training doesn't just warn about what not to do; it shows reps what to do. Our simple writing tools keep notes lean yet ensure that the critical points are always covered.
  • Job-aid. Our printable job-aid highlights the most important guidelines and features model call notes showing proper handling of different types of HCP interactions.
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Print our course descriptionA version to suit your needs
The program comes in multiple versions:

  • Good Documents supplement. For employees who have received our Good Documents training, this version reinforces the writing practices and principles presented in that program.
  • Standalone version. Your employees haven't had Good Documents training? —No problem; we have a version that works as a standalone program.
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