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Navigating Social Media

Employees need to understand the risks

Your employees use social media all the time, both at work and at home. And in their social media postings —

  • Do they ever mention your company, your products, their own work?
  • Do they understand how your company's policies apply to social media, the constraints on what they may post?
  • Do they understand the risks?
  • What guidelines do they need?

New eLearning program
Navigating Social Media promotes caution and careful thought among your employees. It cites recent incidents involving employee postings on the Internet to emphasize to employees the risks inherent in discussing in social media your company, its products, or their own work. In the process, this program—

  • dispels illusions about the impermanence, privacy, or anonymity of such postings;
  • catalogues the principal policy concerns and business risks;
  • gives employees ten specific guidelines for steering clear of trouble.

Excerpt from Navigating Social MediaNEXT

  What guidelines do your employees need for social media?

A version to suit your needs
The program comes in multiple versions:

  • Good Documents supplement. For employees who have already received our Good Documents training, we have a version designed to reinforce the writing practices and document-management principles presented in the program.
  • Print our course descriptionStandalone version. Your employees haven't had Good Documents training? —No problem! This version works as a standalone program on social media.
  • Customization. Need customized content? —No problem! We can tailor a version to meet your needs.


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