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Who we are

Salient, Inc., is the company behind The Good Documents Series. We’re writing consultants, and our Good Documents program is the leading program of its type—it's now required training for more than 150,000 employees at our client companies.

Changing behavior
Our expertise lies in teaching employees 1) the nature of the risk endemic to writing in this industry, and 2) how to better manage their writing challenges and their documents. At bottom, these challenges are about changing employee behavior—no mean feat, particularly when it comes to writing. Writing behaviors often amount to unthinking habits, and they’re notoriously stubborn.

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What we do

As with most compliance programs, our aim is prevention, but we have a different target: rather than addressing employees' problematic actions, we target their documents. We help companies avoid needless risk from the many records that are inevitable by-products of core processes in this industry.

For company documents (email in particular), we target the way employees—

  • create documents;
  • distribute them;
  • manage them.
The ultimate aim: To have nothing but accurate, factual documentation and business records.

The creator of Good Documents

Roy SpeedRoy Speed is the founder of Salient, the writer of Good Documents, and also the program's narrator. A writing consultant since 1991, Roy has designed writing tools, writing standards, style guides, and training programs for dozens of corporations. He has a B.A. in English from Northwestern and is a sometime lecturer on business communication to MBA students at Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) and undergraduate business students at Baruch College (CUNY).

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