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How you can create a "good documents" culture


The Good Documents Series

Employees need to understand the risks

The Good Documents training was universally well received by employees. — You know you've provided valuable training when you hear employees discussing it and talking about putting the tools into practice.

— a chief compliance officer

At our client companies, this training is embraced not just by the attorneys or compliance management, but by the employees — and for two reasons:

  • The program doesn't bore them out of their minds. (Very important.)
  • They get practical writing and thinking tools they put to immediate use — writing more effectively and making good decisions with their documents.

Program objectives

This program helps companies achieve two objectives:

  • Reduced exposure in the event of litigation. Employees become sensitive to the risks, more sophisticated about the ways their routine correspondence might be used or abused in a legal situation. Most important, they immediately begin changing their everyday behavior:

Employees relate to the list of high-risk writing behaviors referred to as "The Usual Suspects." Most had seen a few of these behaviors and, after the training, became watchful of their own email behaviors, on the lookout for "The Usual Suspects."

— a chief compliance officer

  • Clarity, impact, and professionalism in email. Employees get a toolkit for upgrading the quality of their emails. They learn how to make their messages easy to read, easy to understand — even when the subject matter is complex — and more professional.

Our employees appreciated that they weren't just told to "not write bad emails"; the course taught how to write good emails.

— a chief compliance officer

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Our experience

In the pharma industry, our Good Documents Series is now required training for hundreds of thousands of employees.

The program has been translated into more than a dozen languages and deployed around the world.

Program essentials

Print our course descriptionKey features of the program:

  • eLearning. A two-part series your employees can complete right from their desktops.
  • Easy to implement. We can install the program in your learning management system (LMS), or we can host your employees at our own training portal.
  • Useful job-aid. One of the most popular features of the program, our Tools & Guidelines job-aid is a customizable, printable reminder of the key writing tools and principles.

The Good Documents Series was extremely well received by our employees. It really helped to raise awareness about how poorly written documents could jeopardize the company. Also, Salient was great to work with, allowing us to customize the modules to meet our specific needs.

— a chief compliance officer


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