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Creating a "good documents" culture

Our programs

We address three high-risk areas for employee writing:


Good Documents

This two-part series gives employees the writing and thinking tools they need to make good decisions and produce sound business records — documents not susceptible to misinterpretation. Now required training more than 150,000 employees around the world.


Navigating Social Media

This program dispels all the most common illusions harbored by employees — impermanence, anonymity, and so on — and delivers ten guidelines for safe conduct. Covers a lot of ground for such a brief program.


Effective Call Notes

If your sales reps record call notes, you owe it to yourself to consider this program. Keyed to supporting the call continuum, it gets reps clearheaded about recording effective call notes — which details to include, what not to include, and proper handling of issues with regulatory implications.

  Good judgment and sound decisions

The Good Documents Series was incredibly effective and received the most positive feedback I have encountered in seven years with the company.

— Compliance attorney
at a pharma multinational


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